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Hidden Details of The Plaza Hotel, From Lobby to Penthouse | Architectural Digest

Take a tour of New York City's most famous and luxurious hotel The Plaza led by architectural historian and author Francis Morrone and journalist and author Julie Satow. The Plaza has almost become synonymous with New York City, made famous by beloved children's book character Eloise, famous weddings like Donald Trump's and Macaulay Culkin in 'Home Alone 2.' Learn the secrets behind its grandeur, from its ornate lobbies and ballrooms to its lavish penthouse hotel rooms.

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Hidden Details of The Plaza Hotel, From Lobby to Penthouse | Architectural Digest

Christmas In New York: Inside The Plaza [HD]

An access-all-areas look at how Christmas comes to life at one of the most famous hotels in the world, the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York, at their busiest time of the year.

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Trump Plaza Hotel Imploded With 3000 Sticks of Dynamite

Once a symbol of the high-rolling life of Donald Trump, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City has come crashing down. The building was reduced to rubble Wednesday with 3,000 sticks of dynamite. The crumbling building became a hazard and had to go. Hundreds braved frigid temperatures, gathering on the streets and on the beach, to watch the implosion. A series of loud detonations came shortly after 9 a.m., before the hotel came tumbling down as many cheered with glee.




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