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Forge empowers AECOM to improve product deliverables with robust comprehensive cloud-based analytics

AECOM uses Forge APIs to automatically collect and consolidate huge data sets in the cloud, improving accessibility while delivering projects on time and on budget.

Forge Partner Talks: Operations, Maintenance, and Logistics

Top Autodesk partners share the creative solutions they've built for project owners, logistics centers, and facility managers to automate and simplify processes like BIM audit model checking, locating components in large, complex models, and reducing operations delays and errors.

Fernando Morales, CEO \u0026 Director of BIM6D Consulting, a Barcelona-based digitalization company specializing in BIM services and digital twins app development using Autodesk Forge shares details on the POWERBIM platform. Fernando is joined by Analhia Cano Marval, Project Manager for the Corporate Real Estate Innovations team at Zalando. Together they are showing the BIM6D platform POWERBIM, which integrates BIM 360 to data analytics in a variety of ways by creating automated dashboards for complex projects, integrating IOT sensors, cameras and Building Management Systems.

Angel Say, CEO \u0026 Co-Founder of Resolve, also joins the webinar to share how with Resolve project teams are able to use collaborative VR to incorporate more feedback from O\u0026M teams during the design process.

The Future of Buying: 3ds Max for E-Commerce

As more and more people move to online shopping for common goods, enhancing their shopping experience has never been more relevant. This webinar highlights 3ds Max for e-commerce and explores the benefits and associated workflows of transitioning to a digital asset creation pipeline, providing a more meaningful and delightful shopping experience to end-users.

You can expect to learn:
- The benefits of transitioning to a digital asset creation pipeline
- How to create a more cost-effective strategy by levering CGI for product representation.
- How to efficiently build the same content targeting multiple output platforms
- How to maximize your 3ds Max subscription with out-of-the-box tools


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